Regular Events​​

Sunday School 9:45-10:45

Sunday Morning Worship 11 am

Wed. Morning Women's Prayer 10-12 am

Friday Pastor's Sabbath

Sabbath is an important part of Spiritual Health.  Ryan usually observes the Sabbath on Friday.

Special Events

Pumpkin Patch 10-1pm October 22

Health Fair 10-1 October 22

Annual Meeting 12:30-1  October 30

Who We Are

We are brothers and sisters who have put our lives under Jesus' leadership.  We come together in his name and order our lives together under the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO). We have been drawn to Skagway for different reasons at different times, but have come together to serve Jesus at this time and this place, using our various gifts and talents.  We invite you to share yours.

When the Klondike Gold Rush began in 1897, men with dreams of riches began to arrive in Skagway and with them a Canadian Presbyterian Minister, the Reverend R.N. Dickey.  Dickey built the “Union Church” which, as the only church building in the fledgling community, housed seven different denominations holding services throughout the week. 

Two years later, with the arrival of Reverend N.B. Harrison, the American Presbyterian Church took over the ministry in Skagway and a separate structure was erected as the First Presbyterian Church.  That edifice, on 5th Ave., just east of the current Manse, housed our congregation until it burned in 1916.  In 1917 the Presbyterians moved into this building, which the Methodists built in 1901. 

Our building today looks much the same as back then: the opera seats, the ceiling, and the lights are all original equipment.  Some things have evolved since then as well.  We survived as a mission church for over 100 years; now through continuing faithful stewardship and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, we support our own and other mission work.  Our faithful members, numbering less than 60, strive to carry on the tradition begun by the Union Church through God’s blessings to respond to the call of our mission statement: 

As children of God we embrace our call to share the Good News of the Gospel through worship, fellowship and open doors, providing a nurturing environment as we grow in Christ and minister to our greater community.”

That mission lives by having a place for God’s children, to worship, even if on vacation; by proclaiming the gospel through church services, mission, education, and bible study for all ages; by partnering with a vibrant summer young-adult ministry. We also provide space for senior programs and community events.

If you have felt blessed by God during your time here or would like to partner in mission with us, please let us know.  Gifts may be placed in the collection or mailed direct to: PO Box 513, Skagway, AK 99840.

"Gathering, Growing, Going" in Skagway since 1898

​​About Skagway First Presbyterian Church

Our Mission Statement

As Children of God we embrace our call to share the Good News of the Gospel through worship, fellowship, and open doors providing a nurturing environment as we grow in Christ and minister to our greater community.

Church Officers

Pastor- Ryan Mandeville, M. Div

Elder- John Tronrud, 2022
Elder Sheryl Dennis, 2022

Elder Lori Bevill, 2023

Elder Stu Warner, 2024

Deacon- Jan Tronrud, 2022

Deacon- Si Dennis 2023

Deacon- Lisa Mandeville 2024