Date Nights

On September 29, we will have our last Date Night, where parents of at least one child 4 years or under can drop off their child under our care and enjoy a night with their partner. 5:30-9 pm


Read what you missed or where we have been.  We are working through Matthew 15-19 for the Summer.

Food & Clothes Exchange

The Fellowship Hall (Green Building, 5th and Main, is open 24 hours a day to drop off or pick up food and clothes.  Only warm clothes will be left out to pick up.  Regular clothes will be taken to Community Garage Sale.

Children of God embracing our call to share the Good News in this unique Alaskan setting, with our unique talents, at this present time.

We desire to help you become a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ryan and the Elders have been working together since 2007 to grow in their calling of discipleship and the discipleship of those they minister to.  We are part of a denomination that wants to build flourishing churches with flourishing people.  We welcome you to join us for a single Sunday or to become a Covenant Partner of the church.

"As children of God we embrace our call to share the Good News of the Gospel through worship, fellowship and open doors providing a nurturing environment as we grow in Christ and minister to our greater community."

Sunday Morning Worship 10 am

11 am October to April

First PResbyterian Church

Vacation Bible School

July 9-13, Portland will be back leading our kids as the learn about Hawaiian Animals and God.  Sign up can be done HERE.